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    DVD is a tool for the visualization of the dynamics of multi-state discrete models of biological networks.

    Multi-state discrete models are characterized by a collection of functions. For a network of n nodes, the corresponding discrete model will have n functions, where the i-th function describes the state transitions of the i-th node in the network.

    The user of the software provides the size of the state space, by indicating the number of nodes (n) and thenumber of possible states per node (m), and a text file containing transition (polynomial) functions. It computes the transition states from all possible initializations and outputs some statistics as well as the graph of the entire state space/network.

    Web version

        DVD v1
        Don't forget to read the tutorial
        DVD for probabilistic networks
        ADAM Analysis
        Visualizer of Controlled PDS
    Beta 1
        Currently works only on Linux
    Repository of Discrete Dynamical Models
    AT&T GraphViz
    Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
    Discrete Mathematics Group
    DVD paper